Using active ingredients found in nature our patented technologies
clean the mouth and freshen the breath.

Mint does not!

POC Bottle

Removes Tartar from Dogs' and Cats' Teeth and Eliminates Ugly Doggie & Kitty Breath

SorbayPOC is a liquid formulation of the patented Sorbay technology.

The technology cleans the mouth by eliminating food residues. This helps make the mouth less hospitable for the buildup of the bacteria responsible for bad breath, gingivitis, and tartar buildup. The technology was originally aimed at the same problems in humans (SorbayMTC Lozenges) and later adapted for pet use (Sorbay Pet Oral Care Mist).

The Sorbay Technology is a patented blend of active ingredients, which helps eliminate the bacteria that cause dog and cat breath. It also undermines canine and feline tartar and facilitates the removal of these tartars from the teeth. The three actives are citric acid, tannic acid, and sodium lauryl sulfate. All are found in nature and all have FDA approved uses in food products. The mist formulation is intended only for pet oral care. It is a water solution, which includes an artificial sweetener, acesulfame K, as a means for improving taste.

Are there side effects?
Yes, all positive!

The animal need not be subjected to the risks of anesthesia, which accompany traditional periodontal care or scraping of tartar from the teeth by a veterinary professional.

The pet owner need not be subjected to the expense of having a veterinary professional treat periodontal problems and remove tartar from a pet's teeth.

In response to pet owner requests, Bon Mangé, Inc. offers direct sales to consumers of Sorbay Pet Oral Care Mist. Bon Mangé initially chose to distribute SorbayPOC only through veterinarians so that in addition to addressing tartar and breath issues with SorbayPOC Mist other potential health problems might be detected and treated. The Company continues to believe a good strategy for maintaining optimal pet health should include periodic well pet veternary visits.

However, when it became apparent that, due to the cost of routine veterinary care, many pet owners were avoiding veterinary visits and putting their pets at risk of serious periodontal problems, the Company began offering SorbayPOC Mist both through veterinarians and directly to pet owners. You now have the choice of acquiring a supply of SorbayPOC Mist by clicking Order Now below or encouraging your veterinarian to initiate a SorbayPOC Mist based program of oral care for your pet.

Your veterinarian can contact us at or go directly to our wholesale store at Whichever way you choose, your pet can have a healthy mouth and you will be spared the substantial cost associated with correcting serious problems. It is quick and easy to incorporate misting a pet's mouth as part of play time. Pets like the taste of the mist so much so that they perk up at the sight of the SorbayPOC Mist bottle!

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